Student Projects and Engagement Products

During the course of the UW VISIONS at-sea education program, a component of the NSF-funded Ocean Observatories Initiative Regional Cabled Observatory effort, members of the Cabled Array team, educators and students have worked on outreach and engagement products to share their at-sea experiences, their research utilizing Cabled Array data, and information about the amazing technologies used to make this program happen. Examples of these products from 2013 to present are included below: more will be added as future students and educators join the VISIONS program and complete their efforts.

VISIONS17 Students at Sea

This outreach video was created by Willem Weertman, a UW School of Oceanography undergraduate who participated on Leg 1 of the VISIONS’17 program. The video is meant to serve as a visual guide to what students experience and learn when the

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From Cruise to the Classroom

In 2017, UW graduate student, Sasha Seroy, sailed on the VISIONS'17 expedition to gain experience in sea-going oceanography using remotely operated vehicles and knowledge about what it takes to operate and maintain the UW-operated Cabled Obs

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RV Revelle From Above

Chuck McGuire, a Principal Engineer at the University of Washington Applied Physics Laboratory, and one of the engineering leads on the NSF-OOI-UW Cabled Array project, used a drone during the VISIONS’17 Cabled Array cruise to provide a ra

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Interviews with Ocean Scientists

Through interviews with scientists, engineers, students, and robotic vehicle operators involved in the UW VISIONS'17 OOI-NSF Cabled Array expedition, Kevin Eyer (a teacher at the Kingston Middle School), produced this engaging video about th

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